A Choose Your Path Strategy Game for the Whole Family


The Legend of Emohbi

Emohbi is a very active game where players climb ladders and slide down waterfalls in the hopes of being the first to the top of Emohbi.

At the beginning of the game each player is dealt 3 cards.  On his or her turn the player plays a card and chooses the path to move their pawn.  If a player lands at the base of a ladder, they go up the ladder to the next level.  If the player lands on a waterfall, they slide down the waterfall to the level below.

The game can be adjusted so ladders lead to other ladders or waterfalls lead to other waterfalls.  If you go up a ladder and land on a spot where there is another ladder you climb that ladder as well. Likewise, if there is a waterfall at the bottom of a waterfall, you go down that waterfall as well.

There are also special cards that if played can give a player a big advantage.

(92 Second video of assembly, adjusting, and typical game play)

2 - 6 Players

Age: 4+

Average Game Time is 10 minutes

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